Seniors Mobile Chair Massage

At In-Home Care Inc we are proud to be able to offer this fabulous new service to our clients. If you have any questions pertaining to this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The benefits of this service to seniors is listed below.

Chair Massage with Heather

1. Strengthening Stability & Mobility to Prevent Falls

  • Falls account for 85% of injury hospitalizations for people age 65+ years.
  • Having a fall is the most common fear of older adults. A fall can lead to a decline in health, function and independence, and contribute to future falls with more serious outcomes.
  • Conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, poor circulation and sight problems can affect balance.
  • Aging, as well as side effects from medications, can diminish reflexes and reaction times.

2. Reducing Chronic Pain

  • Chronic pain affects more than one-quarter of seniors living in households and close to four out of every ten in facilities.
  • Having chronic pain heightens stress and anxiety, which magnifies pain.
  • Many seniors reach a point where pain medications no longer provide relief.
  • Chronic pain triggers a vicious cycle where the individual is unable to achieve restful, recuperative sleep. This sleep deprivation magnifies the sensation of pain.

3. Improving Circulation

  • Poor circulation is a common problem for seniors.
  • Poor leg circulation may result in restricted blood flow to the legs (known as Peripheral Vascular Disease).
  • Seniors who complain of cold feet and numbness due to poor circulation may be at increased risk of falling.

4. Enhancing Relaxation & Sleep

  • One out of two seniors experience sleep deprivation.
  • Chronic sleep deprivation compromises the immune system and decreases a person’s resistance to infections.
  • The ailments associated with aging cause sleep problems (e.g. physical disabilities, chronic pain, arthritis, respiratory problems, anxiety), not aging itself.
  • Between five and ten percent of seniors suffer from anxiety.
  • Anxiety is brought on by the losses sustained naturally during aging and thoughts of challenges and vulnerability from these losses.

5. Increasing Enjoyment of Daily Activities

  • Less physically active seniors experience tighter muscles, and reduced flexibility and energy.
  • This impacts their balance, stability and mobility, and in turn, their confidence to become fully involved with outside activities.
  • Reduced involvement can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • Staying active is an important part of keeping well and can help delay or prevent the onset of health complications.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I saw chair massage posters and thought I’d try it. I love going each week and feel so good afterwards. My Provider gets rid of all tensions in my shoulders and neck.”
—Marta, Victoria Resident

All of Our Mobile Chair Massage Providers Have Nationally Recognized Certifications.

The Wellness In Hand Chair Massage Certification Training Program was developed by President Bob Hanley in 2006 to ensure all providers of this unique service meet the highest standard of skills in the technical and interactive aspects of massage.

To become Certified, graduates of the Seniors Chair Massage Training must successfully complete an in-depth online academic training module, six full classroom days, and an extensive practicum. These providers also receive specialized training for working safely with seniors and addressing their unique wellness needs.

Both the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, and the Senior Wellness Alliance of Canada recognize the Wellness In Hand Chair Massage Certification Training Program and the certification of the Seniors Mobile Chair Massage Providers.

Mobile Chair MassageAll Providers have:

  • Medical Malpractice and General Liability Insurance Coverage
  • WorkSafe BC Coverage.
  • Criminal Background Check.

Chair massage was introduced in the early 1980s when Apple Computers commissioned David Palmer of San Francisco’s TouchPro Institute to provide an onsite service to help its employees effectively manage stress on the job.

Bob Hanley drew from his massage training at the Okanagan College of Massage Therapy, his Economics Degree from University of Victoria, and 14 years business experience in the investment/ banking industry to establish his chair massage services in 2004. He quickly became the leading provider of workplace chair massage programs for the BC Provincial Government and technology sector in Victoria.

Building on the experience and success from his workplace services, Bob developed Chair Massage for seniors in 2010. The unique chair massages have received very positive response from hundreds of seniors and residence/activity centre staff. He is pleased to now offer Wellness In Hand national training courses for Chair Massage Providers to make a difference to many more seniors’ well-being.

To get the most benefit from chair massages, how often should an individual participate?

Home Care Mobile Chair MassageResearch shows that the benefits of massage are cumulative. When an individual attends chair massage sessions on a regular basis, positive impacts on their physical and emotional well-being will carry through between sessions. To experience continuous wellness benefits and keep Providers up-to-date and responsive to needs, we recommend scheduling a 15 or 30 minute chair massage every week (with two weeks the maximum break).

Are seniors’ chair massages completely safe?

Chair Massage visits include a gentle relaxation massage using levels of pressure appropriate to the individual. With ongoing monitoring of a person’s changing needs, and individual customizing of the massages, this ensures there is no risk of session injury for participants. The individual is seated upright on a specially designed, padded massage chair. Providers are trained to give full attention and support to the person getting on and off the chair. Individuals can also remain with their personal mobility device and rest against a padded table-top cushion.

Are there any health conditions that would inhibit participating in a chair massage?

The gentle techniques in a Chair Massage session are very beneficial for most individuals. There are times when the chair massage could be considered contraindicated or inappropriate for people with certain health conditions. If an individual or their family have concerns about the suitability of a session, we encourage them to contact their primary physician and confirm that a gentle, relaxation massage would be appropriate and beneficial.

Do insurance companies cover the cost of an individual’s chair massages?

For most people, their insurance will not cover chair massages. The service is paid directly by the individual to the Provider, using a multi-session punch card or a pay-as-you-go single session. In some cases, extended healthcare plans may offer coverage for “wellness related” services. Individuals need to confirm arrangements with their insurance company and request a payment receipt if needed.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am 83 years old and very active. Two months ago I was struck by a car and my legs were run over. My ankle and knee of my right leg sustained fractures and I am only able to get around by hopping on my left leg with a walker. One of my In Home Care providers, Heather, had been receiving training in Seniors Chair Massage and offered to give me a treatment to help ease the discomfort caused by inactivity. I found her to be a careful, thorough massage practitioner with strong hands and sensitive touch. The treatment was helpful in releasing tension in my back, legs, arms and neck. I would be open to further treatment.”
-Beverly, Kamloops Resident